#35 The Cheboygan Front Range Lighthouse

The Cheboygan Front Range Lighthouse (#35 of 129) is located in the northeastern corner of Cheboygan, Michigan alongside the river.

Location: Cheboygan River
Coordinates: 45° 38′ 51″ N, -84° 28′ 22″ W
Structure: Wood
Year First Lit: 1880
Focal Height: 42 feet (13m)
Lens: A 6th Order Fresnel that was later replaced with a locomotive style lantern with a 10,000 candlepower electric lamp

Fun Fact: While in operation this light station was responsible for the 41 aids to navigation (AtoN) from Alanson to Cheboygan and was the primary support for three offshore lighthouses along with the Coast Guard icebreaker USCGC Mackinaw (WAGB-83).

Owned and maintained by the Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association (GLLKA)


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