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Did you know that Michigan has the most lighthouses of any state? The Shoal Shoppe seeks to celebrate the beacons surrounding our Great Lakes with memorable merchandise and products.

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Crisp Point Lighthouse | Newberry, MI

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We offer t-shirts, hats, books, and more from our own Michigan 129 selection as well as featured shops from around the state!

About The Shoal Shoppe

The Shoal Shoppe seeks to celebrate the many lighthouses of Michigan, all 129 of them! As a local small business, we provide Michigan Lighthouse merchandise to a number of gift shops, museums, non-profits, and people just like you.

Our goal is to expand our selection of incredible lighthouse products so more can enjoy the Michigan 129 like we do!

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The Shoal Shoppe is home to a wide variety of fantastic lighthouse products, merch, and more! Check out our full collection and see what makes the beacons of Michigan so special.

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