#34 Cheboygan Crib Lighthouse

The Cheboygan Crib Lighthouse (#34 of 129) is located in the Gordon Turner Park on the west breakwater alongside the Cheboygan River. Originally this Light was about an eighth of a mile off the Cheboygan shoreline in Lake Huron where it marked the outer end of the dredged channel into the river.

Location: Cheboygan River/Lake Huron
Coordinates: 45° 39′ 23″ N, -84° 27′ 55″ W
Structure: Wood (1st lighthouse), cast iron and concrete (2nd lighthouse)
Year First Lit: 1884 (1st Lighthouse), 1903 (2nd Lighthouse)
Focal Height: 35 feet (11m) (2nd Lighthouse)
Lens: 4th Order Fresnel

Fun Fact: The Coast Guard had planned to demolish the Light but it was instead donated to the City of Cheboygan and moved inland to its current location where it was restored.

Maintained by the City of Cheboygan and local groups


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