#32 Cheboygan Point Lighthouse

The ruins of the Cheboygan Point Lighthouse (#32 of 129) are located in the Cheboygan State Park just off the shore of Lake Huron in Michigan.

Location: Lake Huron
Coordinates: 45° 40′ 8″ N, -84° 25′ 11″ W
Structure: Stone and wood
Year First Lit: 1851 (1st Lighthouse), 1859 (2nd Lighthouse)
Focal Height: 37 feet (11m) (2nd Lighthouse)
Lens: 5th Order Fresnel

Fun Fact: The first tower built in 1851 was poorly placed and its foundations were soon undermined by the lake. It was eventually torn down and replaced in 1859.
The second lighthouse itself was made obsolete by the off shore 14 Foot Shoal (#33 of 129) built in 1930. Cheboygan Point was abandoned and eventually dismantled in the 1940s. All that remains now are the ruins of the foundation.

Owned by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources


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