The Grosse Ile North Channel Front Range (#2 of 129) is located on the east side of Grosse Ile along the shore of the Detroit River.

Location: Detroit River
Coordinates: 42° 10′ 08″ N, -83° 08′ 24″ W
Structure: Wood
Year First Lit: 1894, rebuilt in 1906
Height: 40 feet (12m)
Lens: 4th Order Fresnel

Fun Fact: The Grosse Ile community came together not once but twice to save the North Channel Front Range from destruction. In 1984 the base of the lighthouse had deteriorated to the point there was fear it would fall over. Luckily a new steel piling and concrete base was poured to keep it standing. Then again in 2019 an ice flow from the Detroit River threatened to push over the structure. However, through jackhammers, pickaxes, and brute strength the crisis was averted.

Owned and maintained by the Grosse Ile Historical Society

Please note that this lighthouse is not accessible to the public, respect people’s private property. Visit the Grosse Ile Historical Society website for scheduled tour dates.


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