#15 Harbor Beach Lighthouse

The Harbor Beach Lighthouse (#15 of 129) resides to the east of the City of Harbor Beach on Lake Huron and is located at the end of the harbor’s north breakwall.

Location: Lake Huron
Coordinates: 43°50′42″N 82°37′54″W
Structure: Cast Iron
Year First Lit: 1876 (1st light), 1885 (current light)
Focal Height: 54 feet (16m) (current light)
Lens: 4th Order Fresnel

Fun Fact: This lighthouse stands guard at the entrance of the largest man-made freshwater harbor in the world. It took 11 years to build all three breakwaters and together the harbor provides over 650 acres of shelter.

Owned by the City of Harbor Beach and maintained by Harbor Beach Lighthouse Preservation Society (HBLPS)


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