The Peche Island Rear Range Lighthouse (#11 of 129) is located alongside the St Clair River in Marine City.

Location: St Clair River
Coordinates: 42° 43′ 35″ N, -82° 29′ 20″ W
Structure: Steel plate
Year First Lit: 1908
Focal Height: 57.5 feet (17.5m)
Lens: Fixed red reflector

Fun Fact: This lighthouse was one of a pair of range lights that guided ships to the mouth of the Detroit River from Lake St Clair northeast of Peche Island. By 1970 it had developed a severe lean to one side and was eventually deactivated in 1983. The light was then moved to shore and now resides at Lighthouse Park in Marine City.

Owned and maintained by City of Marine City


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