#102 Grand Island Harbor Rear Range Lighthouse

The Grand Island Harbor Rear Range Lighthouse (#102 of 129) is located just east of Christmas in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on the shores of Lake Superior

Location: Lake Superior
Coordinates: 46°26′12″N 86°41′28″W
Structure: Riveted Steel Plate
Year First Lit: 1868
Focal Height: 70 feet (21 m)
Lens: 6th Order Fresnel

Fun Fact; The original wooden Front and Rear Ranges were demolished in 1914. The Front Range was replaced by an iron mast, and again in 1968 with a D9 style steel cylinder. The new Rear Range is a riveted steel plate conical design that is one of the tallest, if not the tallest, lighthouses of this type on the Great Lakes.

Currently managed by Hiawatha National Forest


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